Turbo HC 1300Jul

Just wondering if anyone has turboed a 1300 HC engine.

A couple of questions please.

.whats a safe boost limit?
.what turbo did you use?
.was it successful?
.what power did you make at the wheels?

Now I have a fair idea about most of this, but I believe the theory of “many minds” and would like to learn from those with previous experience.
Thanks Toby!20171125_17412520171124_09304120171125_17024420171125_170304
Finally we have the manifold welded up for a small Garrett turbo from an auto Nissan 300ZX twin turbo. Exact specs escape me at the moment. Should support up to 200hp but we are only looking for 120hp - 150hp at the wheels. Ceramic coating to come first.

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Use 1.6 HD Applause pistons for 7.8:1 compression or apparently nissan GA16DE pistons. ET15 nissan from the 1.5l turbo pulsar, pistons may fit but unsure as what i can find has a slightly higher compression height. T25 or T28 turbo with up to an 0.60 rear a/r is biggest i’d look at. Power expect from 80fwkw depending on boost level, gearboxes start letting go from about 120kw also apparently :frowning:

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