Turbo kit on stock EJ-DE

Hi, we’re looking to buy an EF-DET turbo kit and slap it on a stock block EJ-DE, we arent looking for amazing dyno numbers, just want to install a turbo, and improve the car where needed after.

the question is, will this work?

the kit contains everything including the EF-DET ECU. turbo might need work and I’m still orienting and asking questions any tips are most welcome and I would love to know more about what needs to be done and looked out for when installing a turbo onto the stock EJ-DE.

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Yes. Prob just need to pull the sump and put in a drain. Stock will take a lot of boost. Have seen 130hp at the wheels on stock engine.

Could this be done, without replacing the stock pistons with low-compression ones?

If you keep the std ecu, maybe low compression. Aftermarket ecu and keep the std pistons if tuned well.


130!? that’s insane! I hope this isnt a joke hahah.

We are thinking about installing the turbo on a stock internal EJ-DE and maybe actually building a proper engine for it later.

how safe wil it run though? again we won’t be needing 1 bar of boost. 0.3 to 0.5 would be fine. I just want to gradually test things out and see what it needs first.

if you get the stock ecu with the efdet then run that on it that way it will handle the boost setting’s (90% sure). If you can’t get it to run with the stock ecu then look at an aftermarket one to go with it. I am pretty sure the efdet ecu only runs on off a similar system to the ejde trigger wise and that is from the cam so the ecu should not be able to read the bore and stroke of the engine but just the trigger for spark fuel and boost which would probably be about 14-15 psi at a guess.

wont get anywhere near 130hp on a ef-det turbo. 80-90hp pushing it, the ef-det turbo is very small. you will need aftermarket ecu or else it will pop… logical numbers about 60-75hp

he has efdet ecu they handle boost do they not?

wouldn’t be trusting an ecu fuel trimmed for a 660cc. timing etc etc would be different with a few things.

130fwhp, e85, Wolf ecu, td05 Inconel exducer custom (prob a bit big but ran 15-psi if I remember correctly), custom inlet and exhuast manifolds, Falcon XR6 intercooler, oil cooler and stock as a rock bottom end. It did break a few drive shafts and L series gearboxes (the last one of those had a 4.4 final drive, nitrided gearset and a viscus jacks - Mr Evil Hwy has that box now). After going to a L700 box the drive train became reliable. We did Copen brakes on the front and Appluase rear discs. It was quite slow from a standing start due to wheelspin and only did 14sec 1/4s, but it was brutal at roll racing. After my mate Tim had it the next guy put ejve cams in and it gained another 10hp (thought I never saw it in that state). At this point it became unreliable and started to blow headgaskets. Really needed either real ARP headstuds (not Malaysian ARP) which use a VW/Audi internal wrenching nut on the stud or you can cut down Nissan VG30 bolts, drilling and tapping the block for these larger diameter bolts, and a copper headgasket with fire rings. It was the real thing and had a good dyno development.


bigger injectors (flowing) and fpr of course it should be fine. Its not the fuel side of the ejde stock ecu’s that kill them it’s the spark. so efdet should be better.

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what kind of Injectors would you suggest? I’ve seen people using MYVI Injectors. would that work better?

again we are very much looking for reliability, not massive HP or TQ numbers. I want to do this the safest way possible cause Lisa will probably strangle me to death if I blow her beloved 3cyl :slight_smile:

Safe means you know what is going on, or should I say safe means an ecu that knows what is going on and closed loop and tuned to take advantage of such.

I can’t really advise on a particular set of injector’s or size as I have not done this particular project before. My best advice would be to run a wideband to keep an eye on your afr’s. If they are getting lean with the stock injectors the you can look at upgrading to something better.

AFR gauge is deffo going in there.

I guess i’m just gonna take a small hop of faith and start somewhere. A standalone ECU would definitely be the way to go but i’ll need to read up and save up for that. I have a lot friends here with more experience turboing small japanese cars and they’ll for sure be willing to help. Seems a lot of people in malaysia also turbo their EJ-DE’s which might be helpful.

Thanks for the advice so far, hope to show you a nice end result in a couple of months!


Hey mate did you ever end up figuring this out? I’ve found myself in the exact same position.