Tuskano and his Rotajet

Hi there!

Lurked for awhile since I joined in April. Now have bought some LivetoDai decals and realized I have yet to post here and say hello to all you people!

I am from the states over in the USA… over in Washington. I have owned a S110P 94 Daihatsu Hijet since 2014. RHD and was with the 4wd option. Two years later in 2016, the transmission gave out and I pressed the button to start one of the best builds yet. Putting a 13B out of an 88 RX7 in there. Why a rotary? Because I was already rocking 4x110 Toyo Kogyo wheels, and second because I was converted by a friend who had an RX7. Found a shop to pretty much take control for the build as I had a deployment (Navy aviation mechanic here) and work pretty much takes over my life.

Here are some pictures. Newer ones are of the build.

A pleasure to meet everyone!


Cool. Welcome. I played with RX2s and RX3s back in the 1980’s great fun - but keeping the exhaust noise legal for the road here in Australia was really hard once you put a weber on. Would love to seem more pics and hear all about it.

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Thank you! My first love for cars was through a 3000GT. Then the Hijet was bought as a backup… and well, it took over. So much easier to fix and take car of. In the states here, they care about noise too, but that all depends on where you live. They are cracking down on loud exhaust over in Seattle, WA… where they also require stuff like smog checks too. The county where I live, smog checks are not required as it is farther away from the big cities. But, to be on the safe side, each rotor has a separate exhaust with a Magnaflow exhaust and a resonator on both. Without them, she makes loud noise… although the shop owner has an idea on making it sound like an F1 car.

I plan on building a build thread here… but I do have another on a Kei-truck page that you are welcome to check out until then. https://minitrucktalk.com/threads/the-mazhatsu-rotajet.18423/

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Welcome mate, good to see you here. p.s Your sticker’s will be in the post in the morning :slight_smile:

Love seeing your posts on Facebook. One of the coolest projects!

Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to them. Planning to put them one when she is finished… with an ungodly amount of other decals without over doing things haha

Thank you! Yes, can’t wait as well. Supposed to be done by the end of the month, but we’ll see. Nothing is set in stone and has been an on going project almost going for 2 years.

welcome, that looks like material for hours and hours of fun.

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Thank you! Indeed it will! Also will be a great scooter hauler for my addiction. With them, my need for a truck and hours of fun increased dramatically.


Welcome to the forum, this would hae to be one of the maddest builds i have seen for a long time, what was used for the flares, straight sheet metal or were they cut from something with the curve?

Thank you! Straight sheet metal. The shop used a metal frame under the metal to get the curve.

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