Ultra Racing Perodua Viva into L250 Daihatsu Charade

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (and I still haven’t uploaded my nugget) but I’m going over what to do with my L250 Charade.

The most obvious thing at the moment is to stiffen it up but I can’t find much for the L250. Does anybody know whether the Ultra Racing gear for the Perodua Viva would be a direct fit?

I’m considering strut bars and sway bars front and rear to start but they also offer front and rear chassis braces and fender braces that I think might be a bit overkill on a mostly streeted car.

Your opinions on what would/wouldn’t fit and where attention should be paid in stiffening the car up would be appreciated.

Edit: Looks like the UK guys use Viva parts in their L250’s.

Edit edit: There are 16 and 18mm options for rear sway bars, which are solid. Would the 18mm make the car to oversteery?


going from nothing to 18mm solid would probably be too much. 16mm would definitely be a better option. Especially for street applications.