Vacuum Valve issue

Hello again,

On my M111 Sirion, I have a Denso vacuum valve with oen 17650-97405 136200-2320 232. It seems, that I cannot find it anywhere online or in local shops. I was wondering, can I use the vacuum valve of K3-VE Terios/YRV/YarisII on my K3-VE2 without issues?

Thank you in advance.

Is that the purge solenoid from the charcoal cannister?

I believe it is. It’s that part:

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Yep the purge control solenoid, on turbo cars it opens on idle/vacuum and closes on boost/throttle

It draws a vacuum on the fuel tank charcoal cannister/emissions gear to remove fuel vapours

A lot of cars have the identical unit pretty much…subarus do for sure so some if not most would be the same

Where are you located? And whats actually wrong with it?

Try order one off impex, much cheaper than amayama and youll soon find out if theres any available

Theres a gtvi wreck near me that might have one as well

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