Wanted: Bits for my L5 efi conversion

Hi Dai family,

I’m looking for the following items if you can help.

24 pin centre plug with 2 to 3 inches of wire on the end to suit my M100 sirion ecu - non immobilizer version along with plug to suit the green plug.



EJDE throttle body.

EJDE fuel rail with injectors.

L500 efi fuel pump cradle, or other models if they have a 7 bolt top plate and will fit, maybe L200?

I’ll add more here if I think of them.


Just found an l700 full interior wire harness left from when I helped efimira do a K3VE install. No green plug, but check the image.

Harness is uncut. . I would look at using much of this one and put it in your l500. Unravel some parts and remove things like the air bag system. Route the tail lights and such. Keep the l700 fuse boxes. , System has central locking. . Also has power mirrors and rear hatch wiper wires.

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Interesting, so this one was in a L7 running a EJDE which was then pulled out when it was converted to a K3?
I just can’t in the pic see the 24 pin 3 row plug that plugs into the body loom side of the ecu I have here.

Yes, L700 EJDE loom. I’ll have another look in the light of day tomorrow. Friday night start and had the EJDE out and K3VE in complete by Sunday afternoon. I didn’t remember keeping the loom. But it would be the only one/loom I’ve ever had from a Dai with air bag wiring, elec mirror controls and so on. I’ve set it down in front of my L200 and will have a look at the last ejde engine loom and ecu that I still have .

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Okay, thanks for doing that mate.
Can I ask how much you’d like for it?

Still finding bits and figuring what I have. Found three ejde engine haneses and one efel harness

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How’s $60 including postage. I’ll send the L700 body harness, EJDE engine harness and an EFEL engine harness. The latter are the two on the rhs in the previous image. The other two were for my L200 and wiring in an Autronic SM4.

That sounds fair but I already have the EJDE engine harness that you sent with the head and intake manifold earlier.
Do I need anything from the EFEL harness if I’m going from EFGL to EJDE?
We’re you able to confirm that the 24pin 3 row plug is on the EJDE body harness that plugs into the right of the ecu is on that harness?

Okay, took a while to find an ejde ecu so I could confirm the plug fitment. The l700 body harness has this plug

which seems to be what you need.


That’s the magic plug :star_struck:
Same price for just the complete L700 body loom by itself?

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I will put my hand up for ef/el harness is @whiteknight doesnt need it.

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@evilhighway I shouldn’t need it should I? If I’m going from efgl to ejde.


No, you should not need it @whiteknight . I was going to toss it. Jimmy can have it.

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Yeah, same price. It took a lot of time to pull the harness out in taxt rather than just cut it here and there. The engine harnesses (especially the efel) kind of just fitted into the shipping weight, as in they are small and brought it in under the next kg mark. Price of harness really just shipping and time to pack/send.

Thankyou Mr G

@Mr_Gormsby thanks mate. Definitely will take it, but I’m fixing my gearbox this week while I’m off work so have to buy parts for that so I can start driving to work next week.

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I’ll get it packed and in the mail soon. Keen to get spaces/cupboards cleaned out