Wanted: CB24 oil cap + steering column plastic + vents

Want to buy an oil cap (plug style) from a cb24. 3cyl carby. And also the steering column plastic cover, and air vents if they don’t break. Located Logan/Brisbane.

I did see the oil caps on ebay ages ago maybe they are still there? In the meantime I have seen some poeple put electrical tape around them to help seal them in and stay on as a temporary solution. Maybe worth a shot?

I’ve been searching everywhere, on eBay and even in shops. The closest I found was a ‘Tridon, push style cap’, but the only problem is I would have to modify it and put a breather filter on it and then block off the vacuum hose that goes to the intake/carby.

I did see this one good idea that involved a flat piece of thin sheet metal, and it had a half circle cut out and it held the cap down, but I’d rather try and find another cap. It must be a common thing for them to have a broken piece, as I believe people don’t realise that it’s a twist quarter to half rotation and then pull up

. Here’s what mine looks like.

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Can’t pinch one from some other make? Looks similar to a toyota one I’ve seen

Yes I probably can actually, I just realised that the G100’s also have the same oil cap.

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Just got to think laterally :slight_smile: Been there and done that so glad to pass knowledge along. You can pretty much throw any problem at me and I usually have a reasonable idea for the problem :slight_smile:
Or happy to help