Wanted ej-de

Anyone have a spare ej-de theyd like to sell me ?

Where are you? What condition would be suitable?

I’m in Sydney. Idealy one that is ready to go if the price is right.
After I changed my rings/seals/water pump, the head gasket started leaking… Probably should have had the head resurfaced

motor or whole car ? got a 2001 whole car. Sirion that is.

Just looking for a motor, parents would kill me if I brought another car home :joy:

Robert Harris has one on the facebook pages

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The same Robert Harris that never sent my stuff?
I had to get a refund from PayPal…
Prob a decent guy just would have appreciated some contact and a message to let me know my stuff wasn’t going to be sent.

Oh dear! Its concerning that PayPal had to step in

Ah okay, sorry didn’t know :frowning:

He was going through some difficult personal stuff, and he let that affect the ability to provide some basic courtesys.

So he still has the stuff?
I still have cash…
Is he ok now?
Iv still heard nothing.

He’s trying to off load stuff on Facebook. So I guess he has bits. No idea if okay.