Wanted, front coilovers L7, UK if possible

Hello I’m after some L7 front coilovers. I’m probably looking at making some mk1 golf coilovers fit but thought I’d ask on here. Thanks guys.

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Hi there,
the easy way are bc coilovers since there really easy to get, but those are expensive.

You can also search on buyee.jp

And also golf Mk1 front struts will almost fit. The boltholes are slightly different. But its really easy to do.


Thank you for the help! Yea if my car was My only and main car I’d probably chuck some BC coilovers on. But it’s such a cheap build. I’ve got some lowering springs for the back and I’ll just chuck some mk1 golf coilovers on the front. I’m glad you said it’s easy!

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