WANTED G11 Turbo Setup

Hey, Just after a G11 CB Factory turbo setup, Have got a N/A at the moment… need everything to turbo it :wink:
Let me know what I need, Cheers

Iv got a whole genuine turbo car if your interested…
G11 84 model.

Maybe interested in complete car. What condition is it in? How much you thinking for it? Location? and a few pics please, Cheers

IMG_9236Located in Liverpool area. Body has been painted white with aerosol can. Engine has had a new rings put in and timing belt yet to be fitted back on. Everything is there plus a few spare bits like turbo hat and spare head and stuff
Make an offer on it if you want the lot.

hey, cant seem to PM you, not sure what to offer… send me a PM with what your thinking for it

I have a complete running engine for sale. Only pulled it out to put a twincam cb70 in.
P.M. me if interested.