Wanted Oil pump CB series GTti

Hey guys, got a hen that needs some teeth…
Looking for an oil pump for a CB engine rebuild. G100 GTti.
Can’t find much out there, any leads on a supplier? or has anyone got a decent second hand unit in the shed? Cheers.

do these use the same oil pump as the cb23?

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Cheers I’ll look further into that although can’t find much on that pump either.
Just heard back from GTti developments and he’s saying my pump is now obsolete and that his only option is cutting down the internals from a Nissan 720 unit (HITACHI OUP0022) to fit the housing of the CB.
The adapt and overcome approach is looking like the only option at the moment otherwise I’ve got myself an expensive driveway ornament.

it always seems the way with older cars hey. especially when its not holden, ford or chrysler lol

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Haha ironic isn’t it, I’m building a 66 GT Cortina at the moment and can buy every obscure little nut, bolt, rubber and clip for it but finding a major service item for a 90’s jap car is turning into a headache…
Anyway, can’t do much over the long weekend so I’ll keep hunting the backwoods of the internet or maybe one will turn up secondhand. If the adaption option becomes the choice I’ll try to get some pics of the process and post a ‘how too’ for future reference.

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Have you tried yahoo auctions?


Cheers, had a look but nothing shown.
From what I’ve been told they were discontinued many years ago and have never been available in the after market.
Put a wanted ad on gumtree, only had the usual scammers so far… the hunt continues…