Wanted: Parts for Cuore L55/L60 esp. strut top mounts

Hello! I am trying to restore a Cuore L60 3-door and am on the lookout for first gen Cuore/Mira/Domino (L55/L60) parts, especially:

  • intact front strut top mounts left and right or entire strut assemblies (or coilovers, if those exist at all)
  • driver side (left) front seat belt, preferably beige
  • exhaust (preferably new or unrusty)
  • 12" alloy wheels (4x110)
  • undamaged carpet and left door panel beige

If you do not have those parts but know where to get them, please let me know too! Thanks!
Also interested in other L55/L60 parts, just tell me whatever parts you have and are wanting to sell.

I can pick stuff up in central west of Germany or east of Belgium/Netherlands, otherwise shipping from Europe is preferred. Being on a student budget I am unfortunately not sure if I can afford the shipping on large parts from Australia or Japan…


G’day Jan, I think we know each other from Instagram.
I can probably provide complete struts. I unsure of the condition of my spare strut tops, but I’ll check.
You can’t get coil overs for the L60, unless you upgrade the front end like I am. HiJet struts, L700 hubs, custom lower control arms, custom steering arms, custom brake lines.
I have a newish muffler.
I don’t have 12" alloys, they will have to sourced from Japan.
Left hand seat belt I will need to inspect, I think I have one.
I don’t have spare carpet.

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Hi Dale, thanks for answering!
I’m afraid you’re mistaking me for hendriks_garage, since my L60 is not yet on Instagram. He lives very nearby, his name is also Jan and he has a red L60 too😅

Concerning the parts, that sounds promising!
It would be crucial for me that the strut tops are in good condition, because mine are broken and I need to replace them for getting the little Dai registered again. My shocks and springs are still good as far as I can tell, I just figured that I would be easier to find the entire assembly. So if you’d consider selling the tops individually I’d be in for that too.

It would be great if you could check the condition of the tops, belt and muffler, send me some pictures and tell me how much you want for them.
Do you maybe have any experience with shipping stuff to Europe to estimate a ballpark of shipping costs? I’m a bit worried about those to be honest…

Thank you for being willing to help, I appreciate that a lot!

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My apologies.
I am willing to separate the tops from the struts.
I’ll go out in the morning and sus the seat belts, I put them somewhere safe.
I have shipped a few times overseas, I like to use TNT which is now FedEx.

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