Wanted. Picture of a front Sirion A arm (about 2003 or later)

As it says in the topic “wanted. picture of a front Sirion A arm”. Of most use would be a pic of the item off of the car, picture with wheel off and or from below as might be viewed while on a hoist.

By “A arm” do you mean lower control arm?

Front lower A arm. They’d be a strut front with A arm or are they double wishbone?

Neither, it has Mcpherson strut with lower control arms and the front sway bar acts as a tension arm.

Lower arm looks like so

Thanks heaps. The cast control arm and radius rod control via sway bar is what I am seeking to move away from. I had someone suggest using late model Siron arms. Might have to look around a wreckers and see what makes of small cars use a proper A arm. Could add a proper radius rod I suppose but want to end up with a light weight set up eventually fabricating a tubular arm.

What’s wrong with the radius rod idea? nothing wrong with that setup, works well as its so light. You can do many upgrades while keeping the same setup.

One such example is this racing L700 in Japan, they have created a new lower arm that replaces all rubber joints with spherical bearings and tie rod ends. If this was done you would also have to replace the rubber sway bar bush clamps at the front with Delrin units. Im actually planning to make a similar setup for my L700 in the future.

Another simple option to improve castor stiffness is the addition of an extra tension arm. There is a company in Japan that makes these.

It picks up off the sway bar bush and clamps to the lower arm.

the L250 Charade (Mira) has an A-arm setup from standard if that helps. You would have to do a bit of custom fab to get it to fit the L200 subframe if there’s even enough room.

This is the best picture i can find of the L250, still not that much better over the l200 as it relies upon the twist of that back rubber buch for suspension travel.

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Big help there. Thank you. First image was one option on my mind. It forces limited control of dive/squat to pick up off sway bar location. If there is a flexible/pivot connection where the radius rod enters the contorl arm it adds an extra geometry change when moving - rigid connection here is best. Interesting to see the K frame lower pick up point in the std location, but I guess the hem joint is sitting quite a bit lower than a std ball joint. I have played with this sort of solution on RX2-3s and Escorts. A radius rod extending rearward is my preference over front facing (put all weight behind front axle and more chassis rigidity by no using foward extension of frame). The solution in the second image looks awful. From quite extensive experience I know the two would fight each other. The nut on the sway bar must be removed so the end can float in it’s locating hole. This is for those that just like to add things and dress their cars up. L250 setup is best. It’s common enough, Subaru moved over to locating A arms like that, have noticed Audi uses it and I saw that it is done like that on the Ferrari F40. A bit of fab worked required though to get such a set up onto an L200. “L250…not much better over the L200…”, I don’t think so! A arm way superior, esp with the back bush replaced with urathane or a hiem joint.

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Found a pair. Okay should have taken a pic. Big effort indeed to get them into an L200. The L250 arms’ rear mount would sit back behind the rear K frame mount.

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