WARFS down?

Hi guys,
Anyone know what’s happened to WARFS webpage. I’ve tried to login a few times over the weekend but keep getting redirected to a “This Account has been suspended” default page.

What is WARFS?

Daihatsu page hosted in the UK (I think). Mostly deals with Feroza’s Rockys and the old F20/50 scat models.

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WARFS - Worldwide Association of Rocky, Feroza, & Sportrak Owners.
Looks like they have gone to Facebook only. Might have just answered my own question

Many forum’s have died and gone facebook only unfortunately.

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It’s the most annoying effect of facebook i think :frowning: esp. when people trying to leave, they have have no wear to go anymore.

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yeh exactly facebook is more than it ever should have been or allowed to be.