Water temps and sensor adaptors

Hey guys. Water temps in my l200 seem to be a bit over the shot late… i had a spare temp guage sitting and was going to fit it to keep track of it a bit better.

I went down and bought the smallest water temp adaptor (saas) which was 28mm. Only issue is it seems like its 1-2mm to big… anyone know where i can get something smaller???

Not much help to you, but I machine all mine up from billet in my lathe at home or at work. 1-2mm is not much off the diameter and I’d find someone that could turn it down for you. If it is getting hot check your thermostat is opening correctly. I boil even new ones on the kitchen stove before installing and watch a glass thermometer to ensure it opens when it should. If running the car’s heater full hot/open (the fan on flat out) and the temp goes down even touch I’d say time for a new radiator. I run a alu Honda Civic item, but a few mod’s a needed to mount it (some have the lower outlet in the wrong spot and require having it cut off and welded back on at 30-45deg to clear the gearbox).

I live in the northern rivers NSW & I’m having trouble over heating in my 96 three cyl mainly on long trips , done done a coolant flush & new coolant was wondering if you have any ideas besides thermo when Ibought it the timing belt had been changed I’m hoping that the water pump was too it has the turn the heater on cool down syndrome can that be also attributed to timing if not do you know of somewhere around that I can get /repair the radiator?

Looks like we have the same issue