Weird sound after new clutch

Hey guys, just an odd issue,

I put the new clutch in put the car back together eventually parked it up today I had to move the car to mow the yard and funny enough I thought I might just take it for a quick spin up the road to see how the clutch feels let me say there is a world of a difference it is insanely better and bites so hard.

Now at low speed there isn’t a problem but as I was driving faster I heard not a ticking but just a sound almost like a squeaky on and off sound.

So at low speeds I can do you turn after you turn and never hear it it is only when I start to accelerate faster I will hear a decent sound consistent with the speed of the car ticking slow ticking if I press the clutch pedal down or up it doesn’t make a difference, even if I’m driving fast and push the pedal down the ticking is still there eventually when the car comes to a slow speed the sound is gone altogether I’m doing all the brakes on the car, to try and rule out any issue from them.

I think tomorrow I might put the car on stands and run it in gear and see where I can find the noise, it’s not really easy to locate into he car funny enough, it almost sounds like it’s coming from the rear, weird. I know that the car was on a very high Jack level doing the clutch for a couple weeks and when I did lower the car down it was blowing smoke out the exhaust and the rear suspension did make it god awful sound when lowering the front. The car is all on lowered springs to.

Anyway I just thought I might mention it, maybe you guys might be aware of it, the closest thing I can describe it to is imagine something attached to the top of my tyre and it’s hitting something inside the bellhousing everytime the top of the wheel comes and makes contact other than that it drives and feels amazing. Only makes the sound when I’m gaining speed and is only consistent with the cars speed and disappears at low speeds using clutch changing gears does not change the sound whatsoever.


Try lubricating the speedometer drive cable with some aerosol lithium or molybdenum grease.


Oh my goodness, from some videos I’ve watched I’m almost certain you hit it on the head mate. I did take it off for the trans to be dropped. Must of got dry or dirty for the couple weeks it was off. I’ll check it tomorrow, might have lowered my anxiety a shit ton mate what a great suggestion. Scratching my head all evening going over driveline thing that could have caused it

Last winter, I went through a puddle with a pothole hidden under it. Big splash, and a serious jolt. Afterwards, the car made a horrible noise like a blown tyre. I stopped to have a look and couldn’t see anything amiss. Got back in the car, and it happened again, but only as my speed went over 10mph. After a bit of head-scratching, I realized what it was - the front of the plastic cover inside the wheel arch had popped a retainer, and it was loose. With the car stationary, it went back into position, so I couldn’t see the problem. Over 10mph the wind pushed the cover onto the tyre, making the noise.

Maybe check the plastics - those poppers pop off quite easily…

Thank you so much for your input I appreciate it greatly I will be checking all of these things and I was suspect on it being some kind of plastic rubbing as doing the clutch the big job of course possibility of some things are going to be out-of-place would be likely.

The one thing about the whole situation is the consistency of the sound it doesn’t matter what I do fast slow clutching clutch out turning the sound is consistent and it wasn’t until the above gentleman mentioned the speedo metre cable click as I had to rip it out of the transmission when I was doing the clutch and I wasn’t really gentle with it putting it back in and when I think about it the gentleman before I bought the car told me he replaced the dash.

I did some YouTube in last night and I heard other people speedo metre cables that were failing and it was identical though I never got to the highway speeds they were at where it was screaming it’s head off but out of all the years I did mechanics I never heard something so different in itself so I’m thinking about unplugging the speedo metre and taking it for a short drive up the road and seeing if it makes any sound


Have you checked the tires for any rocks? Doesn’t harm to check

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