Weird starting issue sirion m300

I’m new here, hoping for some help regarding strating issue i have.
I own a daihatsu sirion 2009 1.3 liter with 230000 km.
Some times i try to start the vehicle but starter will not start turning. I keep trying few times until it starts. This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it starts first time, and sometimes takes few tries.
If the problem occur while i try to start but i keep holding the key in the ignite position, a check engine turns on. Checking the issue code saying crankshaft position sensor problem.
I would replace the part long time ago but since this issue comes and gos i don’t think the sensor is faulty.
I check and the battery is good.

Anyone know this phenomena and can help?
Appreciate your help,

  1. If the engine turns, but does not start It is likely the crankshaft position sensor.

The crankshaft position sensor is needed for the engine to run, it is one of the few necessary signals that the engine will not function at all without. I would suggest replacing the sensor and checking the cable and connector for any signs of damage.

  1. If you try to start the car and the engine does not turn, then it is likely a problem with the starter.

It is likely a problem with the solenoid in the starter assembly, meaning the starter does not engage with the teeth on the flywheel. You could have the starter rebuilt or replaced.

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Wow thanks for the help,
The engine dosnt turn when it happened. when ever i make the check engine light to turn on by holding the key in the start position it says crankshaft position sensor.
If the crankshaft position sensor is bad why most time there is no problem?

crankshaft sensors sometimes pickup the signal and if they do the engine will start. But its a bad condition for the engine. There not to expensive so i would suggest to just replace it.

Also like @Mick said, check the cable and connectors.
f you have the tools you could check the signal its giving out, also check ground and 12+ but you’ll need a diagram/pinout. Never do a resistence check on a hall sensor!

If the engine is not turning then its the starter motor! If you turn the key the starter motor should start turning the engine. The ECU awaits a signal from the crank sensor but if the enginr doesnt turn at all then there cannot be a signal from the crank sensor, hence the code for crank sensor.

As I explained in the previous post, if the engine does not turn at all then its likely the starter motor. It will often be accompanied by a clicking sound. Other possibilities could be ignition switch or battery.

You should only consider changing the crank sensor if the starter is working but the engine does not start e.g. you turn the key and the engine turns but does not fire up.


thanks for the help.
from your explanation i understand that there is no issue with my crankshaft position sensor. when the engine start tuning it will always fire up.
when i turn the key to start the engine and the problem occurs, the engine doesn’t turn and i can hear a sound of one click . is that click mean that the solenoid is working fine?

  1. Do an eye inspection to the sensor cable for any damage. If it seem’s to be ok:
  2. Use a multimetter to see if the wires of the cable are ok. If they are ok:
  3. Inspect the teeth of the starter if they are ok and try to give it 12v directly from the battery, to see if it runs. If it runs and the teeth are ok:
  4. Buy a new or a good condition used sensor to see if the car starts (I recomend a new one). If it doesn’t:
  5. Rebuild or buy a new starter. Some times, if the starter is bad, without a load starts, but with a load doesn’t.
  6. If the car still doesn’t start, check the flywheel. If it has any damage, the starter couldn’t engage it, even if the starter works fine. So the car will not start. But that theory is very far fetch.

Are sure the battery is ok? If you mesure it with a multymetter, it sould give 13.3v to 12.5v to be in good condition.

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Then it’s your starter.

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The problem was a bad spark plugs.
My spark plugs where way pass thier replacement time (i thought the last time i replaced my spark plugs 70k ago, i have installed iridium type which should last 100k but when i checked them now i saw they where very worn and found out they are regular type which needs to be replaced every 15-20 k).
Recently one of the coils became faulty, probably because I didnt change the spark plugs on time (this made the check engine light turn on saying misfire issue in cylinder number 3, this lead me to check my spark plugs in the first place). I have replaced the bad coil and installed new regular spark plugs and the issue is gone since then. Now I will replace them every service.
Thanks everybody for trying to help.

Love Daihatsu reliability!!!