Weird starting issue sirion m300

I’m new here, hoping for some help regarding strating issue i have.
I own a daihatsu sirion 2009 1.3 liter with 230000 km.
Some times i try to start the vehicle but starter will not start turning. I keep trying few times until it starts. This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it starts first time, and sometimes takes few tries.
If the problem occur while i try to start but i keep holding the key in the ignite position, a check engine turns on. Checking the issue code saying crankshaft position sensor problem.
I would replace the part long time ago but since this issue comes and gos i don’t think the sensor is faulty.
I check and the battery is good.

Anyone know this phenomena and can help?
Appreciate your help,

  1. If the engine turns, but does not start It is likely the crankshaft position sensor.

The crankshaft position sensor is needed for the engine to run, it is one of the few necessary signals that the engine will not function at all without. I would suggest replacing the sensor and checking the cable and connector for any signs of damage.

  1. If you try to start the car and the engine does not turn, then it is likely a problem with the starter.

It is likely a problem with the solenoid in the starter assembly, meaning the starter does not engage with the teeth on the flywheel. You could have the starter rebuilt or replaced.

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