Welcome from central NSW Australia

I am a Subaru man but like reading and learning. I have dyslexia so in some way I live in a different world to most people as such people have trouble understanding my thinking. Because of the way I am I don’t assume anything I am told is correct until I can prove it by R&D or read research papers. My business has nothing to do with cars as they are just a hobby that I am seriously into. I own the only Subaru F1 race car in the world, it has a flat 12 engine. I also have my own chassis dyno and engine dyno were I run tests using special high speed pressure transducers that can read at 1 million reads per second. Also building my own twin seater race car. Have no interest in turbo I am strictly a NA guy.

I have done a bunch of work on ITB and the ram pipe diameter to confirm my theory that its diameter that is the greatest importance then length is second. The math’s 1/2mass times the velocity square supports that as diameter controls velocity. Currently I am working on finding out if the concept of first harmonic and second harmonic as regards exhaust has any logic or is it just a historical theory that has no science to support it.
The photo below are of the F1 car on loan to a Subaru dealer, The different Ram pipes we tested and my Subaru race car at Wakefield Park in NSW


Welcome glad to have someone like yourself on board. This little community could learn a great deal from someone like yourself. I hope we can reciprocate. Nice svx. Manual? Eg33? My main race car is an NA ej25 powered Liberty wagon for hillclimb, khanacross, motokhana and the occasional sprint. In the world of Daihatsu my interest is my ejde na L200 Mira. Have you done much with Daihatsus or have a particular interest in them?

Welcome BigT , looking forward to hearing your opinions.

very welcome aboard mate looking forward to any input you have.

Thanks guy,
I picked up on the forum by the posting on Cams etc, haven’t had anything to do with Daihatsu at this point. To be honest I like the world of NA so EVO’s, WRX’s and all the high powered turbo stuff doesn’t interest me so I would like to see what you guys do with what you have. Acheiving a lot from very little is always impressive. I am sure that I can’t contribute on engine specific detail but still interested to learn.


Hello and welcome to the forum