Welcome to LIVETODAI

A place for Daihatsu enthusiasts to come and share knowledge and passion on all things Dai.

The is the next evolution from daifoum.net to here.

A bit about why the name change and forum change. Daiforum.net started in 2011 and had a good strong following of daihatsu enthusiast over the years people came and went and same with the ownership. Regardless daiforum was always about the daihatsu community and helping each other. The daiforum site had a major crash and lost about 3 months worth of data. This created a big gapping hole in the daihatsu community and a lot of people were upset that they lost so much data and understandably so. Daiforum recovered but never to its same level as before and its software never recovered also and contained many glitches.

This brought the whole idea of a fresh start for the Daihatsu community a new modern style community which has a new format which is much more user friendly than the old school forum’s and that is very important with the new era and generation of people using facebook and other social media sites. Being more compatible with new generation while maintaining ease for us older generations also.

Being a new format I think we really needed a new name also. Livetodai was chosen as it has the all important “dai” part in it but it has the ability to be read 2 different ways and meaning’s while covering the 2 pronunciations of the dai in daihatsu.
It can be taken as “LIVETODAI” (pronounced “live to die”) where as the meaning is you basically live for anything Daihatsu and the other “LIVETODAI” (pronounced “live today”)

We are doing our best to keep the old forum alive and readable as we do not want to lose any of its valuable information within its pages. It will be kept as a read only format and may in the next 5 years or so be taken down but will see how we go about keeping it alive as long as possible.

A big special thanks to Fratsertag for making all of this possible without him it would cost a fortune to have something like this made and up and running.

Please be nice and respectful to each other in here. If you are found to be constantly trolling or being mean or bullying other member’s then your time here will be short.
So please introduce yourself in the ALL NEW PEOPLE Catergory and enjoy your time here.


evilhighway (Jimmy)

Our Privacy Policy etc can be found here


Welcome to the new community!!!

Livetodai.com is the evolution of daiforum.net!

There is many new features that are available, I won’t list them all but will list some of the key ones. If people want a guide to use the more advanced features myself or @evilhighway will make some up.


We are now opperating under the HTTPS protocol which allows us to offer the community safe secure communications between the user and our site.

##Facebook and Google Auth
Livetodai.com allows logins using your social media account instead of signing up with an email address, note that your facebook or gmail account email is now the email address associated with live to dai.

##Photo storage - easy upload
We now have a decent amount of storage to store users photos.
You can easily upload from a mobile phone, cut and paste or drag and drop.

please note: image storage is a privilege and should not be abused, if there is issues with images not related to livetodai being used from our forum your account risks suspension.

##Tagging and Inviting to a thread
You can now tag a user using a @ tag like facebook/twitter etc. You can also invite users to a particular thread.

##Infinite scrolling threads
Threads no longer have “pages” and will just be one long thread, you have a date slider on the right hand side to navigate through the thread.

##HTML5 interface
The new site runs a slick modern HTML5 interface which translates very well to a mobile phone.

We are doing multiple backups of the entire server, this allows quick recovery if there is any issues with the site. This should instill confidence of the site with some of the users that left after the big crash of daiforum.net. This will not occur again!!!

##Self Moderating
Posts can now be “flagged” this allows users of the community to stop poor behaviour before an admin/mod can intervene. Flagging a post alerts administrators and mods however if enough users flag a post this will remove the post and place it for review by a moderator.

##Unpin Pinned Topics
This new software allows us to give users more control over how they experience the forum. You can unpin pinned topics after reading them if you do not think they will be useful in the future.

##Desktop Alerting
Similar to facebook and twitter, livetodai.com can send alerts to compatible desktop browsers, e.g. Google Chrome. This can be enabled/disabled via your profile settings.

Welcome and enjoy!


Just a heads up for everyone logging in via phone we have had one person encounter issues bringing the webpage up with a samsung s5 using the default phone browser but since have used google chrome and it works fine. Just a heads up if anyone with an s5 has issuses try google chrome.

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After that huge write up I just did about the L700 mod guide I can definitely say that the forum is set up very well and loved how it saved as I was going along. James has done a good job :+1:


The forum really does look awesome, such a nice improvement from before and certainly the best I’ve seen from the ones that I have used. Super keen to get properly back into the community and get to know more Dai fanatics like my self. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s nice to finally use a forum that isn’t clunky like phpbb. Also, I like the logo; is it too early for stickers :wink:

yeh give me a week or 2 for sticker’s lol but they are coming soon. :thumbsup:


Yes stickers. We neeed stickers haha

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Quick question, I think i asked a while back on Facebook, but how would you feel about me putting the logo on redbubble.com? (0% profit of coarse)

I did have a 30 second look around the forum for any logo rules but didn’t find anything.

no I think we will leave it Thanks mate.

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