Well I'm back! The one that was building a Move Custom in 2012!

Hey Guys!

Well I’m back! I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Who am I? I was that guy on the old forums with a L601 Move and an EF-RL L600 halfcut.

I started that project in 2012 and most of the hard yards were done during 2012/2013 (vehicle, halfcut, painting and fitting). I drove the Move once on the way back from the paint shop, got the clutch changed, got parts powdercoated and then it happened…adult responsibilities took priority and time for the Move grew further apart.

A problem occurred and I couldn’t allocate time looking at it - it just wouldn’t start. It would crank, it would start with some starting fluid, but it wouldn’t start from it’s own tank (yes, the pump was swapped over and there is pressure to the rails). I even got the the injectors cleaned, but it didn’t make a difference. So weird. Sigh.

So, does that mean I have finally come back to the world of Daihatsu? Does that mean I now have time to look at the Move that has been sitting silently under the patio for the past five years? I can’t give a 100% yes, but I am now beginning to get time and funds allocated to get the Move back to its former glory and to be driven on the road with registration!

Here’s a photo of it glory days when it came back from the paint shop in 2012! Yes, 2012.
Daihatsu Move

Also, do we use a 3rd party hosting photo storage mob to hold our photos (I believe Photobucket are being dodgy) or can we upload using the upload button on this site?

I’ll start up a build thread soon and I’ll see you guys around :slight_smile:

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Welcome back. Is that the longest build?
I had similar no start problem on Hd-E Applause engine retrofit to G203, after head rebuild.
It would fire and run for a couple of seconds, then cut out.
Was totally flummoxed and stumped for a solution, tried everything I could think of, with no result.
Finally, I posted on old Daiforum, someone replied with the solution to my problem after 15 minutes.
Traced to small vacuum leak on tubing that connects to the MAF sensor, located on the firewall.
Hope you can get your engine running soon. Get a Move on!

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Just upload your pics.

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welcome back I have been hoping to see you came back at sometime now that Im a move owner. I always loved your build and it would be good to see it up and running.
P.s just upload pics here no photo bucket or anything. In future it may change but hopefully it wont.

Welcome to the new forum, is it possible to fuel pressure regulator is clogged or buggered?

Welcome back! I’m not sure if I’m just noticing them more as I have a Move, but, I feel like there is a swell of love for them lately. I really love the customs and am very jealous of the EF-RL you got in there. It is one of the directions I’m looking at taking my Move. EJ being the other idea.
Any chance of some progress pics? The ones on the old forum don’t show anymore.

Blast from the Past!!!
I always wondered where this thing got up to.
Glad to see you are back with us on L2D to continue on with your journey.

I was building my TRXX when you were building this :wink:

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Welcome back to the forum

Good to have you back with us Don. My Move project is also draging on and on and on lol.

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