What are differences automatic gearbox between YRV with Sirion(second gen.)?

Hi everybody. I join new. I saw this site and glad for that because of I can’ t find active daihatsu site untill find this site. I have a question.
I have an used yrv automatic gearbox(8AN821)(not turbo). This gearbox same with Sirion first generation(before 2005) K3-VE2 engine. YRV engine code is K3-VE and second generation Sirion engine code is K3-VE to. But automatic gearboxes have different code. Sirion second gen. automatic gearbox code is 8NN933. What are differences between automatic gearboxes? Can I put my yrv gearbox instead of defective Sirion second gen gearbox. Nobody is try like that exchange?

I’m working on this right now!! :smiley:
I have switched between them - they work - but ive been going between 821 and 822 versions

but i haven’t had a go at the 933 version - i know that it is the non steer shift version - which in the loom has a couple of different plugs

I know also that guys who i’ve supplied the 821 version to - who had broken 822 versions - had found that they didnt quite shift the same and eventually died [they thought] faster than expected …but this can be tricky to evaluate

But i know that between 8AT-822 and 8AN-821 these have worked with each other
But cannot confirm if this is electrical differences between these and the 8AN-933 - or just different looms and shift computers - only because I haven’t got my hands on that version yet

Hope that’s of worth to you and not too confusing! :man_shrugging:

Thanks for comment. Maybe someone is know what are technical differences. I think it can be difference gear ratio like that table. I guess this difference about speed and acceleration.Ads-z11

oh nice. so there’s another one - different final drives

…and little more oil in the VET
…runs of a larger cooler as well