What is GTvi

Does anybody know what GTvi means for the australian sirions.

The GTvi was the top of the line modal available here in Australia, with the main difference between it and the standard models being the 4-Cylinder 1.3L Toyota 2SZ-FE engine, rather than the standard 3-Cylinder 1.0L. There are also some internal and external cosmetic differences. Sadly we never got any of the 4WD Sirions here (to my knowledge). Feel free to correct me if any info is wrong, and if anyone has any more information id personally also love to know as i somewhat recently acquired a GTvi myself.


Your almost right @MaddieMoo The gtvi has the k3ve2 engine here in Australia it has 11:1 compression ratio which is higher over the k3ve engines in the YRV and the later model sirions. You are correct with the other 3cyl sirions they had the ej-de engine.


Oh interesting, thanks for the correction!

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