What kind of ECU is this? K3 swapped

Hi, does anyone know which ecu this is?
Its Running a k3 swap in a cuore

Copen 2009 or Terios late.
Not ve2 though I don’t think.
Def 1.3.

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Thanks mate!

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So i found this thread here:

I am looking for the REV, Motor Speed Sensor/Signal in this ECU i have posted earlier.

How do i know which port is for this signal? I have to connect the signal from the speedo cluster to the ecu, because I got the fault code that this signal is missing.


negative coil will give you the rpm signal

And Where do i have to Pin it in the ecu?

in the k3 ecu or the ed20 ecu? in the ed20 I didn’t and used neg coil as i said. K3 no idea.