What oil temperature is considered okay?

Been thinking this since putting the gauge setup in, what is a safe temperature for oil in various motor both N/A and turbocharged and when is too hot?

100-105 C is optimal. 120 is getting really hot. When I see 120-130 in comp I do an early oil change right after the event regardless of when the last one was done. Above 130 is time to do what one can to cool things down by getting out of the power almost regardless. N/A or forced induction is something the bearings won’t care about, just whether they are getting lube, so to hot means to thin for an oil film. I only use fully synthetic and change oil and filter at 5000km.


My k3 worked at 102-107 C before having an oil cooler, after installing one the temperature stabilized between 92-94 degrees.

Both measurements are after about 5-7 laps on a track, with more laps also does not rise. I use full synthetic oil but 10w40 and change it every 3 to 4 races no matter what mileage I have.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: been noticing mine getting up around 91-93°c since putting the turbo on, before was flat out getting above 86°c but here i normally drive no more than 15-20 minutes at a time.