Whats everyones spark plug of choice?

Hey guys… back again asking millions of questions… went to get some new plugs yesterday and there was about 5 different plugs to buy from. Whats everyones choice of plug without wasting all their bucks unless i should

what car again? I usually go for ngk most of the time but for Mira’s I re-use plugs till they are well and truly dead as they are around $20 each. Thank god only 3 is needed. lol

Sorry should have stated. L200 efi model

BCPR7EKD Is what’s recommended but to be honest I use bkr6ey(-11 if I want 1.1gap otherwise no -11 gives you .9 gap)
Or I use bkr6ek (same last numbers as above)
Or bkr6eya on most of my little cars.
There cheap and after every second service chuck them.
There not iridium or anything but there good for east 10,000 and there cheap as. Like under $4 ea. and that way there always new.
Ps: the 7 denotes one heat range colder than I use.

Copper is best for power and torque. The fancy ones do not conduct electricity better and are beneficial when you do not want the material breaking down. For example, you have a 300zx, they are a bitch to do plugs on so I’d never use copper unless the engine was coming out each time I did plugs.

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welcome to expensive mira plugs. just a heads up you cant use ed10 or 20 plugs on the ef/el they will phyically fit the thread but the spark plug insertion hole is too narrow. So you will be looking at about $20+ a plug

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Yeah thats cool i dont mind paying money for plugs… sca nor autobahn stocked any that mira had… and the search returned about 5 different capable plugs… i cant be buggered paying top dollar but with all the variables available its worth the ask what everyones using

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