Where can I source this front bumber for the Sirion?


No idea, but it does make the sirion look heaps better.

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Best bet would be to routinely check Yahoo Japan auctions.
OR your Yahoo Japan auction site of choice (Buyee etc)
OR engage an agent that imports parts to ‘keep an eye out’

I believe it is officially called the “urban rapid” body kit / front bumper for the Sirion/Storia, possibly for the X4 but it isn’t “the X4 front bumper”.

Very rare, and you might be waiting a while.
The last one i saw someone on instagram purchased needed a bit of fixing etc.

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I would be more than happy with a damaged one and would pay for a molding done of someones exsisting.
It seems my only option is leaning more to fully custom. onlything I haven’t decided on is the lights. options include blanking out the indicator section and relocation to the bumper, painting on an angled line to make it look more agressive.