Where to find workshop manual?

Hey Guys,
I recently bought a 1998 Daihatsu Applause and was wondering where I could get my hands on a workshop manual. Any help much appreciated.

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there is a section on the forum dedicated to workshop manuals, have you had a look there? if there isn’t a manual for your model maybe there is a manual for another model sharing the same engine/driveline.

Have a look though this post here https://www.livetodai.com/t/workshop-manuals/52

Thanks for that,
Unfortunately it says i don’t have access to it. I’m guessing that’s because i’m new, would you know when I could gain access.

I believe you have to do a welcome post here https://livetodai.com/c/general to get access.

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Yeh thanks that worked but sadly no Applause manuals

Are you looking for anything in particular or just want the manual for general knowledge? I can get information from work for things like torque setting for bolts or timing belt/chain replacement instructions if you need something like that?

@Mick I’m looking for the manual for general knowledge. My plan is to fix the car up and get it as new and factory as possible by slowly replacing every worn part on the car. I’m currently aspiring to be a mechanic and would like learn how to work on cars so i thought this would be perfect (i also love daihatsu’s). I don’t know much at the moment but the basics. It seems to be a pretty rare car so i’m struggling to find where to find parts and tutorials on how to replace and fix them as well as other owners. Sorry to get sidetracked but if you can help me with finding the manual and other parts etc, I would really appreciate it. I live in Melbourne by the way

most of the engine mechanicals are the same as the 4 cylinder charades, noting that the 1.6 HD motor has a block deck height of 10mm more than the HC 1.3, also has less domed pistons than the 1.3

If you can’t find anything then you might have to order a Haynes manual through repco or something. In the meantime I would read the manuals that are available on the forum, @Mokeman says the charade engine is very similar, so that would be a start and a lot of general knowledge like replacing CV shafts for example will be the same with other models. If you do get stuck with something the guys here will help walk you through it, they are top blokes and always eager to share knowledge :smiley:

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Thanks really appreciate it :grin:

Tell me the model number, engine number ect. and I will upload what I can on Wednesday to the workshop manual section for your car, it won’t be a complete manual but I should be able to get quite a bit, it will be in German though but you can just copy the text into Google translate or something.

Sorry I mean the engine and model codes, it’s a HD motor yeah? And the model is like A101 or something right?

oh lol sorry yeh its a A101S

Daihatsu Charade G202 Manuals / Daihatsu Charade Workshop Manuals / Daihatsu Charade Service Manuals

Hi there. Need help. Does anyone have access to the Daihatsu Boon Luminas workshop manual? It shares the same model with Toyota Passo Sette M52E. Thanks

Is this the one you’re looking for?