Which tire should i put on?

I got these 14inch rins and they are causing the back to rub was wondering what size tires to out on. They are currently 185/55r14 i have been looking and it seems i should go with either 155/55r14 or 165/55r14 would any be better than the other while still giving me the best clearance.

What is your rim offset? Yes the narrower rubber would be better. I’d not go smaller than the 165. The smaller diameter will improve clearance too.

It doesn’t say how much offset it is on the rim but ill measure them today and let you know. Also went to a tyre shop and they had none in those sizes, so what brand tyres could i put on that are also a good price?

I just put some Hankook 415 on my girlfriend’s daughter’s car. They had to get them in. $72ea fitted and balanced. Really great tire. Worth the little bit extra over super cheap crap. Offset should be on the inside will be something like +38 or +35.

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Thank you Mr Gormsby