Whispering sweet nothings into the void

Hi all, new to the forum, less new to Daihatsus.

I currently have a L600 Move and previously enjoyed thrashing around in an el cheapo L200 Mira until the government rudely decided i shouldn’t be allowed to drive (for reasons unrelated to my driving)

Since I might be permitted back on the road soon, I’ve been getting motivated to do some engine building, and am currently sourcing parts and wisdom for a supercharged EJ-DE for a little extra oomph.

I look forward to lurking and liking, and seeing what craziness is happening in the world of the dai.


Welcome :slight_smile:

Do you have some pictures of the cars? I love pictures

She’s stock as a rock currently.


Hi and welcome, There are a few moves that should give you some good ideas and info. check out the project / build section’s. Bertie Bus was a nice move that was ejde powered and my old Move which was a franken engine with a tdo4l turbo on it by the time I sold it.

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Just start with the ejde and don’t worry about the supercharging. I will have four times the torque anyway. The supercharging is a rabbits warren which you will toss a lot of money down and the wheelspin will get tiring quickly, you’ll be looking for better brakes, better drive shafts and the list goes on. If you were thinking amr500 they are too small, really noisy, produce massive heat and have a pulse that gets annoying. A Sprintex s150 is the only sort of thing that provides decent boost (roots blowers move air but don’t produce boost whereas the Sprintex screw type does). Light flywheel, retard the cams a touch, headers and a 2" exhaust will (on a fresh or well maintained ejde) be useable fun, super economical and reliable. Not trying to be a party pooper, just saying from experience that if you go nuts with a supercharger or big turbo it will be off the road more than on while you keep doing upgrades to chase the many shortcomings of the original car.


I agree with Gormsby, I am supercharging and my car has been off the read for 5 years now.
The EJ will provide ample torque, sorting out the handling will be more beneficial than overall power.


I agree with these guys, and it was the reason I didn’t mention the Supercharger in my reply, especially with an ejde. As soon as you put any boost in an ejde you’re going to need an aftermarket ecu.

I didn’t say any of it as lately it seems to be something I am repeating quite a bit and it seems to fall on deaf ears 98% of the time.

You could skip all of that and get an aftermarket ecu and put it on the ed20 so you can raise the rev limiter to about 6500-7000k rpm and you will get a bit more fun out of what you have with a better tune and it will be more durable than the ejde and you could boost that if you feel you need to.

If you did this then If you feel you want an ejde then you already have an aftermarket ecu if you do want to boost it later.

If it is really an ejde you want then put that in and don’t boost it unless you have the aftermarket ecu.

As @Mr_Gormsby said 2 inch exhaust and lightened flywheel will benefit for both the ed20 and ejde and you would need both anyway for either engine if looking for improvements.


The thing I am enjoying most trawling through the threads is how full real world experience they are.

I’ve been on a few different car forums in my time, and most seem to be filled with regurgitated opinions, and very little real actual knowledge, so it’s refreshing to see you guys have so many receipts on display.

I appreciate the comments, and definitely gonna look at the sprintex over the amr. Also, thanks for mentioning the ECU, since that’s one of the things I was currently trawling for info on… i was looking at a piggyback with ignition retard control as a feature, though also thinking about the viability of rigging up an EF-DET ECU to handle things, with correctly sized injectors, and seen a little discussion on that already… At the end of the day, I’ve got a choice of aftermarket ecus I can slap in if none of those ideas pan out.

I’ve built a handful of mild to wild Toyota K, T and A engines in the past, but my direction with this build is rather unorthodox, and is in part a test-bed for exploring particular, and uncommon, engine-building ideas. All out power is not the goal, but rather exploring some ideas for a balanced increase in driveability and economy, with a marginal increase in power as a bonus.