Will camber bolts for the m1 sirion fit the m3

Hey all,

Just a quick question, does anyone know if the camber bolts that will fit a M1 sirion also fit a M3 sirion? I tried searching but wasn’t able to find camber bolts for the M3. But since allot of Daihatsu parts are interchangeable I would figure this wouldn’t be a problem. I hope that someone can confirm or denie this. Thanks in advance!

if your could give me a measurement of the width of the steering knuckle (so basically the length the bolt needs to be) on your M3, I can compare it to the sizes of the Cuore’s knuckles! I know @Roffelkut uses camber bolt, so they definitely fit on those knuckles

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Okay so I finally managed to get a somewhat accurate measurement (I really love working on lowered cars you know?). It seems that the bolt needs to be around 3 cm in length (that’s between the plates where the bolt goes through connecting the strut to the hub). Around 5 cm length in total inlcuding the nut and face(?) of the bolt.

I measured a bolt today which was around 6cm, but wasn’t able to measure the knuckle or anything else, so it was kind of useless.

But then I came up with the idea to just look for the partnumber of the bolt, and they seem to use exactly the same units

I hope this helps, otherwise I can do some more measurements tomorrow

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I’ll take the gamble. Thanks :slight_smile:

Where did you get the part numbers from? I tried searching but never did get the right site.