Wooley's Yrv Turbo

Hello,i am Wooley from the Netherlands.
Since august 2018 owner of a red rocket.Yrv turbo 130 Hp!
Goes like a Cart…Lol…
Too bad the last owner didn’t do maintenance so engine makes a lot of bad noise…
Chain,Vvti clock,valves or combination
Allready changed all fluids, filters, spark plugs, tires, adjust alignment wheels, wipers, windows master switch. Next week have annual check apk hopefully pass… (headlights control left defect, rust)…
Are there any maintenance manuals in this forum?
Need to locate map sensor. In cold or damp weather bad acceleration with cold engine. Today’s APK test passed… Yeah. Next week open air filter mod.


Welcome aboard. Nice to have you join us. A great looking Yrv.

welcome to Livetodai. Your yrv looks great. I hope you get all the bits you need :slight_smile:

Really nice looking clean car welcome :slight_smile:.

Welcome mate, greetings from the Netherlands.

On the forum are some workshop manuals for the required maintenance to get your car tip top again!

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Car has died on my birthday… :fearful: Chain has too much slack so it runs very unregulated. Car is going to be replaced by fiat stilo 2.4 20v abarth