Worrying Noise

Hi All

So over say the past week I have been hearing a bit of a noise sometimes whilst driving the Kuor3 and think I have diagnosed the cause but would like the L2D Brains Trust to help diagnose as you all know im a bit of a tight arse and don’t like to throw money at the wrong problem.

So ill start by describing the worrying noise, its like a whirring noise… I know not very descriptive I have been trying to think today a way to explain it and I think the best I can come up with is it sounds like when you have a bolt loose on an engine that allows the washer to “chatter”… sorry thats the best I can come up with.

When does the noise occur?

  • Almost always after I start traverling at 100kmh on the freeway, at which time it rarely stops, sometimes it does and always does after stopping.
  • The sound does not usually occur at lower speeds however today I found that if I “load up” the drivers side whilst taking a sharp left at say 40kmh I am able to trigger the noise but after straitening it is gone
  • Sometimes at a lower speed if I hit a cats eye in the road when changing lanes it will trigger the sound breifly

So the conclusion that I have come to is that its a busted wheel bearing on the drivers side, I am pretty certain the noise is coming from the front.

Any thoughts?

Is it when loaded on that side only?
Also is it in neutral same noise?
Have you tried with clutch in or out to eliminate box or clutch centre or bearings?
From the description you gave though it could be bearing.
Just try to eliminate sound by making sure its not cv or something also.
Very hard without hearing it or experiencing it myself though man.
Sorry I can’t suggest any more.

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It’s not worn bushes somewhere and things rattling? If not it sounds like what you have said. Can you try get video of it?

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thanks for the response mate

I have tried clutch in whilst doing 100 and it do not get rid of the noise, going 100 for say 1 minute surely starts the noise off and it in majority of cases does not stop until I stop the car or slow till about 20.

I have not tried putting it into neutral though

CV’s are around 9000km old and ive tried going around in circles each way and it makes no sound.

I noticed the sound pulling out of the car park turning left, it was busy and I gave it a squirt.
I then tried turning a hard left again and it made the sound again, I then did a hard right exiting the round about and it did not make the noise…

I did try make a video of it, ill try again… been fucking windy in Canberra today so my leaking rubbers and all the rattles in my car it was not of much use…

Frank made a good point too
Have you got a spare while hub you can throw on even just to see if it changes at all not necessarily to fix it but if it changes then you have pin pointed the area.

Unfortunately the only ones I have are in a wreck that are most likely damaged.

I just don’t want to do any damage… if it is a bearing (which I have never experienced before) I am assuming it would get worse over time?

@FrankEnstein I changed all bushes when I did the conversion, ill get out under the car with a spanner soon and make sure there is nothing loose its more just the speed that it is easy to make the sound occur at speeds upward of say 90.

I would say wheel bearing man… I had a noise I would describe similar to that in my 180 that I chased for fuxking ages, the bearing had no play but when I took the hub off the bearing has lost a wheel and it was spinning around in there making noises…

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I will agree with everyone here I would first have a look to see if something is loose even as far as the strut top nuts in the housing just in case. If you cant find anything it looks to be the general consensus its a wheel bearing.

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Well as noted in my project thread I decided to pull the wheels off to investigate the source of the sound.

Whilst I had the wheels off I decided to change to some new brake pads I had sitting around for a while, I found one of the caliper slider pins had ceased up… resolving this and replacing the pads has cleared up the sound and I have now traveled around 1500km without the noise returning.