WTB Applause driver's seat belt

Hi, I’m looking for a driver side Front seatbelt out of an applause. Preferably in good condition.


Will a sirion one fit ?

Is a g200 seatbelt much different?
Not that I have one but I’m sure the wrecked g200 to apple ratio is about 50:1.
If there was any difference it would only be in the mount as in angle and the hitch.
(But then again what differences are left after that🤔)
Maybe colour is different too so I’d check.
G200 is grey. I’m not sure of the applause.

Surprisingly the applesauce seatbelts are completely different. The retraction mechanism is similar, although the brackets are backwards they can just be swapped from one side to the other.

The main difference is the clasp and plug are different. The applause one is a different shape and therefore does not fit in the charade mechanism and vice versa.

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