Wtb: ef-el cylinder head

As title says I need a good condition e.g.-el head. Mine is cracked.

Pm me or comment here. Willing to organize shipping to me or collect if adelaide :slight_smile:

I have at least one, maybe two. Can’t remember if they are complete or not. Yours for the price of shipping plus say $10 for some packing materials. They are at work, remind me.

If cracked between the valves that’s normal and have probably been like that in operation for most of their lives.

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Hey mate I only just saw this. I’m keen.

Where would you need them sent to? Will try to remember to look when back at work tomorrow and can let you konw exactly what I have. I can do a quote on postage and $10 for packing. Or you could pick up if local. You pay via paypal. I post when I go near either the PO or courier depending on weight (PO is 20kg I think). Note I think the EF-EL is rubbish and a waste of time if you are after power. Okay if you are tinkering.

im not sure where the cracks are, all i know is she is running real poor and there is rad pressure. in saying that i cant see the crack at all.
but i have all the pieces, ive just never changed valves before. Im in adelaide. Ill flick you a pm.

yeah tinkering. i have a not runnin g car and would like to get it running so i can put around while i tear down my k3 gearbox for some much needed syncros lol