WTB F2 Rear wing for G200 I Australia

Hoping someone in Australia has a spare.
Any colour or condition OK.
What else fits?

Mate I think I have 2 at home.
I’ll check when I get into work on Monday.
There the typical green f2 colour.
I swapped my f2 stuff to detomaso.

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Thank you for your reply @Paulep82 . Hope you can find one. I’m in Canberra.

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got this one for $50 but i am in NQ

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Thanks @Mokeman .
That looks OK, but prefer the F2 type that fits sort of flush like the blue one in the picture.
Rear Spoiler
I’ve not seen one like yours locally.
Just a couple of questions, though.
Is it F2, De Tomaso or aftermarket and how is it fitted?

It’s an aftermarket job, i have seen a couple now, 2 screws hold it on each side, have taken off now as have crashed the car :frowning:

Thanks very much @Mokeman. Could you provide packaging dimensions and packed weight?
No rush, as I’m also waiting for @Paulep82 to get back to me, as he said he has F2x2