Wtb g200 ignition barrel & key sydney

Snapped my key into ignition, can’t seem to fish the piece out so thinking of just changing the barrel entirely since I don’t have a spare anyway. Anyone know where I might find one for a g200 in Sydney?

Super glue something to the end of the key and pull out. Often the key code for whole car is stamped on the driver’s side key barrel. About $50 in Brisbane to get a key cut to the code.

Cheers for the code tip. The tip snapped unfortunately so it’s all twised in the back there which is why I’ve been unable to get it out. I’m gonna pull barrel out see if I can get at it that way

Forgot to post update last week. In case anyone finds this thread and cares I couldn’t get the key out for life of me but picked up a new ignition barrel for 50 bucks with a key from a wrecker. Really easy swap and then got a key cut from the old ignition barrels code for the doors.

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