WTB Hijet/carry trayback

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a Hijet ute as a work vehicle, driving around Brisbane CBD…

If anyone knows of any that are priced reasonably cheaply, let me know!

Thanks! <3


Hi mate, I dont like your chances of getting a hijet ute cheap these days the prices have skyrocketed. Then again you never know.
I will sing out if i do see one though

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Cant hurt to ask right?

Thanks! I can only search so many places by myself!

keep an eye on gumtree etc, although mostly vans, the odd ute has come up recently

It never does and its good to have other’s know also you are looking also :slight_smile:

I’m looking twice a day on gumtree at the moment…

I’ve got no issues with waiting for what I want, it’s just kinda hard to not impulse buy a nice van…

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You can also setup saved searches that alert “immediately” this may help you also.

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I’m going to look at it on Sunday.
Guy said there are a bunch of people interested, I’m taking anything he says with a grain of salt though.