Wtb: l200 efi engine mounts

Has anyone got any mounts laying round… mine are literally non existant or is there a site for aftermarket ones???


I run solid. Pushed the old ones out and machined new ones up out of Delrin. Not so smooth at idle but a great handling mod and my 80hp no longer makes the thing axle tramp.

Wanna make me a set? :joy::joy: hahaha…

If you can do some of my house extension I’d be happy to knock some out for you. Bit short on space to do anything for myself of late, so am making space. Eventually I’d like to be making custom parts - again.

Probably could help… im.near byron bay… i have a qualification in flooring… could probably hook you up haha

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Still looking for them @Nicholas_Drew?

Yeah buddy!

messaged you @Nicholas_Drew