WTB L251 Stock Suspension

In sydney preferred, got chopped springs on the rear would like some standard stuff as well as front springs and shocks if possible

I will have a look in my stash out the back tomorrow and I will let you know but I think I may have some if not all your after.

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Did a hunt around out the back and found these from an L251 I wrecked last year. lol
Let me know if any good for you and we can work out a price etc. No idea how much post would be. They are in Laidley QLD so would have to post unless you are up this way after 17th December sometime.


Mate I am super keen, if you’ve got any way to post them I’ll pay post and a fat hungie.


sure man will look into it. Not sure what aus post would charge will find out.
You got a postcode?

they have been boxed up

I don’t know your postcode so just put Sydney in and this is the quote.

Pm me here or Facebook messenger to organize payment and postal address for delivery. Which ever is easier I’m not fussed.
This is me on there image