Yet another K3VE2 swap

Today I want to present my ongoing project of yet another K3VE2 L7 Cuore which I mostly want to use as a economic reliable and cheap daily driver since I want to restore my other two cars to perfect condition.
I also want to go track it and get some track experience so i try to make it a street/race-hybrid
This is the day I bought my little silver shitbox(yea, the idiot on the trailer is me)

Both engines are out

And of course, huge problems with rust. The rear fenders were already welded but not treated properly on the inside and now I have to somehow fIx that rust issue. If anyone has some suggestions, please tell them! I need all the help I can!

The bigger rear brakes from the Sirion are already on the Cuore. Although, I still have to wait for the rear brakes to come before finishing them. Right now I still need to work on a lot of rust before actually putting the engine in. I also have to do all the brake lines since I’m upgrading to ABS to get it road legal(TUV sends its regards…)

Stuff I wanna do in the future is definetly getting the car lower. Probably just with lowering springs instead of the proper BC Coilover-way since I want to keep it on a budget. Decent rims and probably a DIY paint job.
Also gonna take the Sirion Sport front seats and try to mod them with heat pads so I’m not freezing during winter. + definetly want to upgrade the sound system of the car.

Keeping you guys updated. Thank you if you read up until now and hopefully I posted it in the right category :slight_smile:


Progress has been slow since I have to work on my other cars but the coming weeks are once again dedicated to the little Daihatsu.

I need your guys help though. I need to buy four new stud screws/bolts that connect with the subframe and the chassis and I can’t find any website that has some fitting ones. Similar size maybe but the thread length is always shorter. So any link with the right screw/bolt would be much appreciated!

Vague measurements(probably M10?):
Total length: 84mm
thread length 1: 42mm
thread lenght 2: 16mm

If really stuck go to a nut and bolt place and get some threaded rod and cut to length. For something with a bit of strength replace with a cap head bolt (Allen key or internal wrenching bolt).

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Long time no see I guess!
It’s been a while since I posted here.
The engine currently is inside the car and is also running! And all of the electric is working(apart from ABS and airbags)
I ordered new subframe bolts and screws from a Daihatsu dealership which still sells spare parts and ship them from Japan over to Germany.

The next things I need to do is to change out the front sway bar as well as the steering and the axles to have the correct width of the Cuore since right now it has the track width of the Sirion in the front.

Since it is a bit more difficult to get an engine-swap like this road legal here in Germany, I need to give the MOT/TÜV inspector a list of all the parts I have changed with the according parts number.
Here is my question: Does any of you guys know a website where you can see all of the part numbers for a respective Daihatsu car?


For Cuore parts I use partsfan, for Sirion (related) parts I use Amayama (where you can also order parts).

Amayama doesn’t have a Daihatsu Section, so you have to find their rebadged Toyota-brothers. In case of the Sirion, that’s the Toyota Duet. I like Amayama better because of the layout, but partsfan is the place to be when you’re really looking for specific Daihatsu (Cuore) parts. A lot of parts are the same on both cars, so when you get the hang of it, you’ll find a lot of Cuore parts on the Sirion/Duet on the Amayama site.

If you need any more help, let us know :slight_smile:

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