YOUR help with my l5 build

Hey guys I’ve only just joined online just a quick hello my name is joe and I’m from the uk.
The reason I need your guys help is that I have a efrl (fwd) l500s, which I’ve now taken off the road and I wish to use my efrl head with the ej1000cc block and going for a nice forge build. But I need help with parts, and what I will and won’t need to do the conversation.

Then also I would like to convert to 4x100 with the copen/yrv turbo brakes/hubs all round, as it easier to get wheels here, aftermarket parts and most important is bigger brakes!! But again I need your help with the do’s and donts. Any help or advice thank you in advance.BE0306EC-0BC8-4D4B-BDE5-FD272EF876CF62E9F4A3-93ED-494F-AB0A-CBA36714ABB8F4D742BD-4A01-414D-9FB8-8C290E8014D2


Mate, so jealous of your car. The l500 avanzato was what got me back into Daihatsus.
I love it.
Over here there isn’t a lot of L500s.
Very nice car man.

Cheers mate :+1:t2:, yeah seriously cool cars, same problem here mate in the uk I haven’t found another one with this engine in and fwd :thinking:

Welcome. All the 4 x 100pcd info is here. Do some searches and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

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Hi mate, it can be done…i already built it and use for daily drive with my L701s, my engine build was from EF-DET + EJ 1000 block, as for the EFRL, it suppose to be pnp with EJ block…it turn out to be rocket pocket otr haha…sorry for my poor english

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Hi mate, cheers for reply and information what power are you running/spec is your car? Also what gearbox set up have you got?

Why weren’t these brought in to Aus! Would be so cool!

All you need is EJ-DE block, upgrade fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, bigger turbo & piggyback system e.g: Emanage blue what i used, but its depend on your budget & what the power goal. As for me, all the engine parts are in stock, only do some head works to lower the compression ratio, head domed 2mm with thicker metal gasket. Boost hold at 1bar, for gearbox, i use the std EJ auto gb added with external oil cooler to prevent slip due to overheating. Running my engine for almost 2.5 year without any issue, sometimes used for daily drive to work. I never manage to get my car to dyno, perform on the road tuning going uphill with 10.5:1 AFR, since i want to know the engine limits. I just assuming the engine hp comparable to K3-Vet due to sprintest against my friend L701 K3-Vet & suprisingly i run out his car. IMG-20171108-WA0020 head work


Thank you L7licca very helpful info there bud, well il probably be going for a standalone Ecuador’s and will be going pretty balls out :joy:, looking to bore out and forge the engine with new inlet mani,exhaust manifold and lsd in the gearbox and I would probably be upset with 200bhp I won’t lie :joy::joy:

Hey man. I love that car, was going to try that cooler but couldn’t be bothered.
That’s a common conversion you’re doing there. My l500 has that conversion. Running Megasquirt 2 Standalone


Thanks :+1:t2:, alright cool where about you from?

I’m from Jamaica

The same place as the bob stead team? :thinking:

Ya man deh same place deh (jamaican)
Yes the same place (english)

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What gearbox you planning to use?

Let me tell u from now, is the EJ gearbbox you need. I’ve ripped 3rd gear 3 times now in the 850 gearbox :joy:.
The next thing will be that LSD u speak of…where to get it for EJ box :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Personally I don’t really watch the HP output, its more important for to if the car is doing what I want it to. More power, more wheelspin. Wheel size options limited for this chasis. So for drag racing use you might be ok, circuit and road, I believe 150 is sufficient


Hey guys, has anyone done the ejde swap and also used copen brake set up? Just wondering if anyone know what drive shafts work or if it’s custom made jobby thanks

Yes. The EJ-DE swap was pioneered a long time ago. You will prob need a custom drive shaft. Though if you can find a jack shaft for the gearbox it can be done without getting custom bits but is a lot of dicking around. And yes Copen on the front has been done with Applause rear. The info is all hear, use the search function.


Hey guys, just a quick update I did put a deposit down on a ejde engine and box but sadly I had to pull out the deal, the parts only had 34k on it but sadly the engine was was missing sump and tbh god knows what bolts etc so that was that. Also I’ve now bolted up my strut assembly to a copen hub and here’s what it looks like,

has anyone had this problem? Just wondering the best solution? I don’t want to drill the hub out at all as I am hopefully going to upgrade my suspension at one point to hopefully copen coilovers. Cheers joe

I used Sirion legs. Where are you located? I might have some Sirion struts. Throwing out a heap of stuff right now.

I like be in the uk mate so the other side of the world haha, thank you for the offer though, are sirion struts better that copen then or is there pro’s and cons