YRV 1.5 Turbo /3sz-T


I am From chile and this is my daily car :smiley:

Specs :
3sz 2008 75.000 kms
Intake and throther 3sz
exhaust and intercooler K3-VET
Turbo IHI VF33 of a subaru , hibrid whit VQ41 exhaust case.
Flywheel less 500 gr
injectors 425cc RX8 denso
Manual Gearbox whit 4ft gear of a Mira L700 (1:1)
Eliminated A/C and pulley extras.

The cranking wheel is by K3VET and ECU P30 Japanese market 1 Bar of Bost TOP
i only charging a 0.4 Bar and run more fast of a K3 whit 1.2 Bar.



Turbo VF33

Cañerias a medida y bomba hidraulica relocalizada


Engine Internals:

3sz from toyota avanza FFR
from chile whit love!



Hello and welcome to the forum

Hello, welcome!

This conversion is interesting to see, does it mean i can swap a 3sz-ve engine in my cuore l701?? It has the front and rear mount for the engine frame??

Welcome, great car. Fantastic, write up. Looking forward to hearing more.

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Yes you can. Just use the mounting from K3-VET.

Here is my Perodua Kelisa a.k.a Cuore L7 3SZ swap.

anyway great build @Speedpower. But just take into consideration, stock 3SZ rod can only hold up a maximum 0.5 bar of boost. More than that, you know what will happen. Happened a lot to most of my friend. They successfully carve a hole on the block.


Hey man, great build!
You said you used the 4th gear from a Mira. Can you just swap the gears or shafts like that? I would like to know how you did it!