Ok this is going here first for any L2D people!

This has been a great car! but it has developed an issue and I really can’t be bothered fixing the bloody thing with 3 ish project cars. I just really don’t want to put the time in with this one.

Location is Laidley QLD

NO REGO NO RWC. (no plates)

It will not be sold with no head unit or battery. The current wheels in the pics will not be on it. It is sold with stockies that a couple may need new tyres (haven’t checked as yet).

It will come with the Dai hubcaps and some spare headlights and tail light’s.

The car runs and drives but has an issue!

The issue it has I believe is cylinder 3 seems to have dropped a valve.

I tried a different coil pack and swapped out a spark plug also and no difference with that cylinder not firing. There is definitely spark getting through.

The only other known issue’s it has is like most k3ve’s it uses oil. 2nd gear synchro’s are gone so “nana” shifting into 2nd works fine. This was like it when I got it and is no worse in the 2 years I’ve had it. Oh, and the aircon is not cold. I got it regassed last year and not cold this summer so I would say there is a leak somewhere.

The good is that new front brake pads about a month ago, all power windows work and everything else does work as it should.

This would be great to fix the engine for a great daily , or drop another k3 in it, Or you could get a jbdet or the 3sz (think that’s the code) drop it in for something a bit different.

Also would be great for a donor fix the engine and drop it and the box in an L7 you would have all the ecu and wiring and upgraded brakes etc. I think you would even get the instrument cluster in a l7.

The Price is $800 and I’m pretty firm on that price if not sold here will be put on market place and sold at a higher price.



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open to offer’s ofcoarse :slight_smile: