Yrv turbo throttle body o rings

Anyone know of a common a car in the uk I can get the throttle body to manifold o ring off of, went looking for vacumn leaks earlier and found a few.

IIRC this has the K3-VET engine, which means you want a Toyota Yaris 3SZ-VE (e.g. P1 Toyota Yaris) o-ring. Thats what I got for my Sirion Rally which is a K3-VE2 engine.

I have a spare one at home, I can measure the diameter when I get home later - its basically a generic o-ring of whatever diameter. Will update in an hour or two once I’m home. You can buy them from Toyota direct, but they’re not cheap!

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Your an absolute legend sgpetch just quoted me over £50 +vat for both of rings IF they can get them

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OK, got back and measured it. The o-ring is 50mm inner diameter, and is 3.75mm diameter itself. The throttle body recess it lives in is 55mm diameter itself.

So I think if you can order a generic 50mm inner diameter x 3.75mm o-ring it ought to fit a treat.

If you really get stuck PM me, I have two in my pile of spares so could send one to you if crucial/can’t get one elsewhere.

This looks like just the ticket:


in 50mm ID x 3.53mm size? £0.41 (I’ll take the remaining £49.59 + VAT as a finders fee! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)

They also do a slightly fatter 50mm ID x 3.80mm but thats a rather steep £2.12

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Thanks very much I appreciate it :laughing:

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If you looking for original parts number. here you go. This is from Toyota Duet/Dahatsu Storia K3-VE & K3-VE2 which should be the same size.




Awesome thanks again lads

O ring sealed it up lovely