2020 Release of Tr-xx

Anyone else come across these press releases?

I have mates in Japan looking around more
It was featured in Tokyo show in Jan

So far all I can translate is that it’s currently a concept car.




Looks awesome! Not that we’ll get it in Australia. But, over there in NZ might?

Yes the Tocot is (honestly) marketed as a ladies car.

Obviously a massive exaggeration since it’s not even in production yet

No more likely than for you guys…but as an import maybe
But still with the kf engine so don’t see it replacing the L7 yet to be honest …unless they’ve modded the kframe and we can easily add a vet :sunglasses:

Perhaps I should have said “will be marketed as”.

Ladies within Daihatsu were said to be a major influence upon the design and generally it is to be a ladies car. That info was from an English translation of the Daihatsu website back in June.

I like it. There is at least one amateur video of a base model Tocot in a Japanese dealership where they go all over it and you get to see a lot of detail inside, out and under the bonnet. The particular car looks more pre-production than prototype.

The current “thing” at Daihatsu is a “user oriented approach”.