660cc Engine Oil Drain Plug Head Size

Hi all, stupid simple question, but I’m going to pick up my new/old Daihatsu on Friday (SUPER excited, cannot wait) and have been told limited room in the car that’s giving me a ride - so I want to minimise tools taken. Can anyone tell me THE size or the most common SIZES of the drain plug head on these little 660cc 3 cylinder engines? I put a few sockets in there and a 3/8 power bar, but I’m concerned that the socket selection is wrong, and the less rattling around the better. If you own one and don’ t know, could you check and also comment on if it looks original or replaced? Cheers :slight_smile: Otherwise I’m going carpark spotting with calipers, ha ha. Save me from myself! :smiley:

most common sizes in the cars are 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 17mm, think the oil drain is 14mm

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Can anyone second that / verify that? :smiley: eg if you have one, could you go and check? :smiley: thanks in advance. <3

I stand with Dale. They are the most common sizes you will use.

Sure, but I’ve known that since I was a child - I don’t care about common on the entire car - I care about the sump plug and the sump plug only :smiley: I’ve seen large-thread sump plugs with 14 and similar sump plugs with 25 - for similar threads the head size can vary massively. Some aren’t even normal hex. I’ve seen a lot of stuff and they also get replaced and helicoiled hence comment about “is it original” - guess I’m running out of time so will just take what I’ve got and make do. Amazing that no one knows their sump plug size - I can tell you most of mine off the top of my head :smiley:

13mm on the spare EF EL here but no guarantee that yours will be the same.

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That’s weird! Not many 13s on JDM cars at all :smiley: but I have a brand new koken 13 so I’ll throw that in too and just see what I can get away with :smiley: This time tomorrow I’ll have my my teenage dream car (no, not the FD3S, the other one, ha ha).

Agree its a bit odd so I went and double checked, definitely 13mm.
Engine is out of a 1995 L500 so no guarantee the sump plug is original but it looks like its been there for a very long time.

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Been more than 50yrs since I was a teen, my dream car back then and still is is an E Type Jaguar :grinning:
Since prices of E Types are now between A$150-325k I don’t think I’ll be getting one in this lifetime, best I’ve managed was to work on a 1966 E Type Coupe recently, has a faulty aftermarket electronic distributor, when that’s sorted I will be having a test drive so I can keep dreaming :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi! my pan drain plug is a 14mm, which seems to fit the best. good luck and enjoy your new car!

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Bingo! :smiley: mine was 14mm too, though damaged. You wouldn’t f***ing believe what came out with the used oil and flush fluid, though… garnet… NZ compliance process sand blasts the entire underside of a vehicle if ANY surface rust is seen - then repaints it badly in cheap product. There was and still is garnet dust in every crevice, between every seal and panel, under every carpet, in every nook/cranny of the engine etc. Horrendous. I don’t give the seals much of a chance. But now it has good Aussie Penrite 10 tenths 5w50 (2.0l) in it supplemented by 0.5l of 15w50 race 10 tenths and being a pretty gutless engine spent 300km today at full throttle and near full RPM - 100% needs a power upgrade :smiley: Survived, though. Only a few issues, lost 2 bits from it that weren’t bolted on right and damaged one other bit through my own stupidity. I hope it’s common with other more common models, but if not, I’ll be on yahoo japan searching for a replacement. I want a front bumper from a related model and will have to get the two awol bits out of Japan too. Fingers crossed.