A little introduction

Hi my name is Justin and I’ve recently bought a green 3 door L700 in need of some TLC. After looking at all the cuore’s for sale in the country. I found this beauty. She had a bit of a drinking problem (the oily kind). On the way back home about a 160 km she drank a liter of oil. I was like must be the oil scraping rings being charred. So out went the spark plugs to pour some ATF on top of the pistons so it could soak in between the piston rings. A few days later i came back to check on her, most of the ATF had seeped past the rings. I removed the last bit off fluid with a tube by sucking it out of the chamber. After starting her up she started blowing massive white smoke clouds which went away after a little drive but she was still using oil. After a little furter diagnosis in the intake en exhaust manifold it became clear that she was very sick.

So I called my mate about our school project from a few years ago. Because back then we had bought a green 5 door L700 with some oil consumption and did a full rebuild on that motor. We also went a head and did some turbo prep. But only on the exhaust maninfold and oiling system. I digress I called to ask about the state off the engine for a quick swap as the car had a little meet with the guard rail on the Nordschleife.

In short the engine was fine it just had bad DVVT tick at idle. So over the next weekend i pulled the engine out en swapped the it with transmisson and engine. With the old engine out I’m still contemplating on what to do with that one. For now she drives great.

I will keep you guys updated on the build


Cool. These look great in dark green. Looking forward to hearing more. Glad you joined us.

Mr Gormsby

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That’s a really nice dark green color, I wish colors like this were more common

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welcome to livetodai forums.
Dont throw out that other engine. You are right about the rings and that is the issue. You can rebuild the engine and make sure you change the rings and I bet they are stuck in there.
If you do put new rings in it. While the rings are out you could make the oil ring return holes just slightly larger as they are what gets gummed up from poor servicing then the rings get stuck and well you see how it goes. Atf etc is worth a try but with the ones that have stuck rings like yours rarely have a good outcome from atf etc.


I will definitely keep this engine around. And I might swap the cilinder heads around after a while to get rid of the worn out DVVT. I’m currently gathering information to rebuild the other engine and at the same time increase the compression ratio. The plan is then to run this engine on a standalone ecu as I’ve still got one laying around which hasnt been used.


Ha, fun to see Cor on here. I’ve done a bit of work on that car before (don’t blame me lol). Good to see the new owner taking care of it.


What type of work?

Just a bit of help here and there when there were problems and with maintenance. But not much.

Some time ago I was looking into a “race” ejde. I’d found some motorcycle pistons that came close to working (gxsr 600 I think). Rods become the expensive parts and Argo were able to make some for me. The one’s I’ve honed are really soft and only need about three strokes of my coarse grit and three of my fine grit (really cnc honing is the way to go and they probably only do a few strokes only). Find an EFEL flywheel, should be able to get it machined and balanced between 2.5 and 3 kg (rougher idle but revs beautifully). Standalone with closed loop o2 will make a huge difference.


Welcome to the forum! Love the green with the gold wheels :slight_smile: nice little write-up too, looking forward to your next work!

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@Just_in_time My nephew just spotted the car in HHW, are you local? If you want to get rid of the old busted engine, I might be interested.

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A little update so far
Last weekend I replaced both outer steering joints. I’ve taken off the led underglow from the previous owner. Also I removed the dangerous wheel spacers on the rear axle. The lug nuts were holding on to 2 threads max


That should result in some safer driving. And driving we did. We did a little road trip with friends

After a day of driving the to do list gained another point. Fix the straight pipe because its too loud and obnoxious


Yeah I’m local. The current plan for the engine is to rebuild it. Some parts have already been ordered hope to get them soon.


I found the same, having recently had a stainless system fitted to my M101 Sirion. I took it back and had a small resonator fitted and while this helped, it was still too loud. I would suggest fitting a large resonator - clamp on will be fine - and/or look at muffler inserts which get bolted inside the tailpipe and make a big positive difference.

Also, the pic of the wheelnuts only fitted by 2 threads will give me actual nightmares for months!


Oh my god those wheel nuts :face_holding_back_tears:. Good riddance on changing the exhaust, it was quite loud indeed. It’s always lovely to see a nice Daihatsu line-up. Are you joining the Daihatsu meet somewhere end of may perhaps?


I wasn’t aware off any meet ups yet but I might check it out. Where can I find the details?

Usually in the L7 Facebook group: L7 Club NL | Facebook

This event: Redirecting...

Shame I don’t have a L7 :frowning:

Have fun!

This meet is not just L7 but all Daihatsu!

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Well you can expect a request to join then :wink: