About the Daihatsu Wiki category

##The Daihatsu Wiki

An editable catalogue of Daihatsu built by the community for the community.

We wish to build a complete and correct catalog of all items Daihatsu.

This will eventually include

  • All Models
  • All Engines
  • All Gearbox’s

We wish to build it so it has key information from workshop manuals and handy information for common and rare engines, such as

  • Engine Torque Settings
  • Spark Plug Gaps
  • Part Numbers
  • Diagrams
  • Suppliers

What makes this any different to other categories?

Just like a regular wiki this section of the forum allows users to update and change information posted if it is incorrect. Don’t worry though it is completely version tracked and if a malicious user was to change items then rolling back is a cinch.

Simply press the icon to edit any of the existing posts or please create your own new posts in the correct sub category.
##How can I help?
Post to this thread if you wish to have a new sub-category made.

Add Information to the subcategories

Permissions to Edit

To edit the wiki you must be of trust level 2, this means you must be a participating member of our community to contribute to the wiki.




##Protection against double editing
The forum will now alert you that there is a user editing a post when you click the edit icon.

If you notice another user editing a post it is not recommended that you make your changes until they are completed.

##Review someones changes