Applesauce / Cheer 3.0

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Mmmm potato photo


Them soft pedal feels

First problem found

Asked Chris for his thoughts feeling along the same lines.

Dash lights work fine when stationary, after taking off, dash lights go out, indicator lights stay lit solid (flashes when indicating) and the tacho either dies completely or fluctuates wildly. Will check it out on the weekend but happy to hear others thoughts.

Anyone have any leads for suspension parts supply around brissy or Aus with decent postage options? Looking for struts and springs. Will do the install :+1:

Struts and springs to suit what? Front, rear or both? Where does you price range fit between the option of “used and flogged through to MCA Gold”? The purpose of these parts would be for? A. increase speed/performance B. make the thing ride better. C. for improved towing. D. some attempt at looking cool.

No real budget restraints however the MCA gold option isn’t really what I’m keen on.

New struts and springs would be the ticket.

Main purpose is to eliminate the body roll and replace the worn out original suspension components.

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I just want milk that tastes like real milk :wink:

Any milk would be great.

Installed 2 12 inch subs today. Looks the goods👍



Time for some engine cleaning if I don’t end up working today… 1 hour 20 mins to go…

Uploadig… Those genuine parts feelings :smiley:

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electric winder mechanism?

Top secret 🖒

Went to local wreckers to get a dimmer switch to see if I can fix the dash light issue. No good.

Fixed another separate problem through however.

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Hopefully get a chance to get the dash problem fixed tomorrow with some help from one of the guys at work.

Who wants to see some photos?

Also forgot to update that my dad fixed the grounding problem that was happening and the previous owners mechanic “fixed” it and wanted me to fix them up for the cost in the sale despite the assurance “of course I paid for it” but there was no paperwork to back that up. Going to say that he never took it to the mechanic after all.

So when do we get to see it?

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