Applesauce / Cheer 3.0



Here ya go @mokeman

Dash problem still happening. Trialling a few ways to diagnose it further…


Also anyone experienced in fixing small paint spots such as those in the above photo? There’s marks all over the car that I’m going to fix up over time.

Is it a job likely to need bog and paint? Or just painting and make it look decent?


Bog only if dented really, orherwise sand and paint is all i do


Small dents often fairly easy with Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). Straight out of school I did a Motor Body and Coach Spray Painting trade. I like to pull or ding out as many dents as possible. Chips only come out with sanding back with a block, it’s 2017 and there are no short cuts to that yet though there are a heap of different ways to sand and many good products out there for this task. Is it a show car? Getting it right is a lot of work. I’d suggest some colour and a touch up brush - cars are meant to be driven not shown! I only worry about paint if it looks ratty and is going to attract attention. With a Daihatsu you will probably never get back in resale value anything put into a good paint job, so you really have to be okay with tipping money in just for fun.


No plans for a show car. And don’t plan on selling this one any time soon. Waited to get my life back in order for too long to start thinking of letting it go :smiley:

Will look into fixing non metal areas, noticed a mad chunk missing from the front bumper earlier that I hadn’t paid much attention to before so might be an easy test piece 🖒


For bumpers read up on paint systems needed for plastics. You’ll need to add flex additive.


Will do 🖒

Cheers @Mr_Gormsby


Dash problem sorted. Burnt track on the dash mat was the culprit. 20170903_123243

Ran a copper trace wire to reconnect them and back to normal operating procedure. Someone on crackbook asked about fuses gone but when I checked them before nothing was out of whack. Still don’t get why the dash lights and tacho only went out when the car was in motion.


So now we have night mode back🖒Uploading…

Also Applesauce confidently hit 140km/h or so before i ran out of (short) road prematurely :smiley: should have aimed for the pesky rabbit bounding across the road as well. Next time 🖒


What’s everyone using for wiring harnesses for LED light bars? And am I better off mounting it to something more solid than the front bumper bar?

Planning to use one of the blank spots for the switch in the dash panel but haven’t sourced the harness yet.


I used a numberplate mount bolted front and back for a 20 inch led bar. Wiring harness, if you aren’t sure, can be bought at Autobarn or Supacheap, otherwise just as easy to do yourself, few meteres on decent 20 amp wire with 40 amp going from battery. Remember every 100w is about 8.5 amp so use an appropriate fuse.


Any photos for reference @Mokeman?



Bought this badboy 6 inch light bar bargain at $16 plus $10 post. Looks pretty solid and durable.


Decent metal mounts 🖒


2 pin connector



Check my profile pic :slight_smile:


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sorry about that20160713_154734


So I should get something like this?

Looks decent, probably sturdier than any other option too…


What’s the numberplate mount actually connected to? The bumper bar or part of the chassis?


Was through bumper, vibrated a little over bumps


Enough vibration to warrant a different idea?


Not really for me as didn’t use it much, had to take it off now as numberplate mounts deeper in the DeTomaso bar and wouldn’t sit on there even with new holes.